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The benefits of puppy preschool are to provide you with all the information required to raise a happy healthy and well-socialised dog who will grow to be a much-loved family member.

It allows the puppy to become used to visiting the Veterinary practice in a positive way. The classes are held in a safe clean and supervised environment and designed for the whole family to participate. 

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The design of our puppy preschool

Puppy preschool is designed for puppies 8-16 weeks of age. This is a critical time of learning and socialisation for a puppy’s brain. Puppies not exposed to other people and dogs during this time may develop fearful and/or aggressive responses later in life which in turn can make it more challenging to train and socialise your dog around unfamiliar people, animals and situations. Behavioural issues are the number one cause of animals in shelters. 

So long as your puppy has received its first vaccination it can attend puppy preschool while it is continuing its vaccination program. 

Puppy preschool is a great way to recognise the difference between normal puppy behaviour and actual behaviour problems and how to rectify them should they occur.

Our preschool classes are an hour long on Monday nights and cost just $120 for the whole program.

Puppy preschool classes run for fIVE weeks and the program includes

  • General health care advice 
  • Diet and exercise 
  • Environmental enrichment strategies to reduce boredom 
  • Basic training, sit, drop, recalls, stay and walking on a lead 
  • Socialisation and interaction with people and dogs 
  • Recognising dog body language 
  • Toilet training
  • Mouthing, nipping and jumping behaviours
  • Digging and chewing behaviours 
  • Grooming bathing and nail clipping 

Puppy preschool classes use positive reinforcement methods. This method of training is kind, brings a closer relationship between you and your puppy and it works.

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If you would like to see the difference puppy preschool can make to your new puppy, please book in for the next class.

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