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Unfortunately, some vet bills come at the wrong time and many are unexpected. This can make treating your pet difficult.

As a new small business, we are unable to offer in house accounts and require payment at the time of treatment. However, there are a few options that may provide some assistance to you, especially in times of need.

Direct deposit

We are more than happy for clients to transfer small amounts of money to the clinic’s bank account and have it recorded against your file. It would be similar to setting up a special savings account for your pet. This would then be available for any occasion that you would like to use it for; vaccinations, parasite control, emergencies etc. The amount and how often you transfer money is completely your choice and can be as little as $5 a fortnight.

Please talk to us to discuss this as an option for you and your pet.


Pet insurance is always a topic for discussion. Should I have pet insurance? What is the best company to take out insurance with? There are many companies now that cater to pets and which policy is right for you is something that as a pet owner you will have to decide.

Contacting the companies directly and discussing with them your needs is the most ideal circumstance. Reading through all of the fine print is essential for any insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for exactly what you want.


VetPay is specifically designed to help you pay for veterinary expenses without the worry of high upfront costs. You can visit their website and get approval online. They will perform a credit check and approve you for a credit limit. You provide your bank details or credit card details and they will set up automatic fortnightly payments.

Start your pet’s treatment now and pay it off over time.


A minimum 10% deposit is required for all new contracts.



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