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At Passionate paws veterinary, we think all pets are valuable members of all families. This is why we recommend Royal Canin to all dog and cat owners.

Royal Canin is a premium range of pet foods that focus on the uniqueness of animals to formulate their range of diets to ensure your pet is receiving effective nutrition. They strive to create formulas that are not only tasty but also deliver the most precise nutrition for your pet.

Royal Canin have an everyday range for pets from juveniles to adults to seniors that are tailored for their changing nutritional needs with their age. These foods are balanced, complete diets that incorporate and maintain good health. Both inside and out.

Medical conditions and veterinary diets

Having a pet diagnosed with a medical condition can be more than overwhelming. Royal Canin have created specialised veterinary diets to cover nutrition for all types of medical conditions. They have worked hard at making these diets easy and tasty for your pet so you can ensure your pet maintains its best health while recovering or receiving treatment.

We see many pets owners who are concerned with their pet’s gut health and who have tried all sorts of diets. Knowing how and why animals need certain components of a diet, allows owners to realise the fad pet diets are really not worth all of their claims.

Creating formulas for foods that nurture an animal’s good gut bacteria, reduces gastrointestinal upsets and keeps the GI tract healthy. Their food needs to be highly digestible to avoid digestive sensitivities, and contain easily-absorbed essential nutrients. Protein which an essential dietary component of all dogs and cats is often obtained through sources such as chicken and beef. Providing a ‘no meat diet’ to these animals can result in catastrophic problems which may not be reversible.

Make sure you discuss with us your pet’s nutritional needs at your next appointment. Here we will be able to advise on the best course of action and recommend the right, balanced food to support your pet’s health.

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