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General Vet Care

Our healthcare team can assist you with education, advice and care to ensure your pet has the happiest and healthiest life possible.


Vaccinations are essential to protect our pets from contagious and life-threatening diseases

Parasite Control

There are many different sorts of parasite controls on offer these days with combinations of products or just single parasite control. 


Desexing or sterilisation of your pet has many health benefits to ensure continued health. We desex not only dogs & cats but also small exotics as well.


Full range of surgical services available in clinic with a dedicated theatre for gold standard of care.


Dental care is an often over looked part of your pet’s health. Routine prevention is just as important as treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a new digital X-ray machine so all imaging of pets can be done inhouse.


Not only is microchipping a council requirement but it is also the only legal way to identify your pet as your own.

Pet food

Nutrition for your pet is as important as yearly boosters. For this reason, we offer premium food products that provide the best nutrition for your pet


Vet bills can be expensive. We understand this. This is why we offer Vet Pay as an alternative payment option to ensure that you are never left in a difficult situation.

Veterinary care for exotics, dogs & cats in Hervey Bay

Our fear-free approach ensures your pet and you have a stress-free experience with keeping your animals healthy.

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